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As you know from your study of the Bahá’í writings, the principle that is to infuse all facets of organized life on the planet is the oneness of humankind, the hallmark of the age of maturity. That humanity constitutes a single people is a truth that, once viewed with scepticism, claims widespread acceptance today. The rejection of deeply ingrained prejudices and a growing sense of world citizenship are among the signs of this heightened awareness. Yet, however promising the rise in collective consciousness may be, it should be seen as only the first step of a process that will take decades–nay, centuries–to unfold. (Universal House of Justice, To the Bahá’ís of Iran, 2 March 2013)

This morning Russia invaded the Ukraine.  We’ve been anticipating it for weeks.  I was appalled by a headline in the local news media:  “Why the West cares about the situation in Russia-Ukraine”.

Why do we care??!!!???

Because they are our brothers and sisters.  Isn’t that enough?

I didn’t read the article and I’m not going to comment on the substance here, because my intention is not to get into politics, but into compassion and empathy.

My heart is hurting for the Ukrainian people.  The terror they must be feeling is bringing up the terror I lived through as a child.  I’m not there, so I don’t know and yet I grieve.  Maybe that makes me a codependent, or maybe it makes me a Bahá’í.  I don’t know.

What I do know, and believe deeply, is that we are all one, and it seems so self-evident.  I don’t know why the world hasn’t understood it yet. This quote gives me a clue.  Recognition of the oneness of humanity requires the age of maturity before we see widespread acceptance, and humanity is still in the age of adolescence.

More troubling, though, is understanding that it requires a process that will take decades–nay, centuries–to unfold.  I have to let go of my impatience, and keep teaching, and keep doing the things we’re being asked to do by the House of Justice, trusting that we’re laying the groundwork that will lead to the Most Great Peace, and let go of my disappointment that I won’t see it in my lifetime.

Understanding that recognition of the oneness of humanity will take centuries to unfold, I can let go of my impatience and trust God with the process, and I am grateful!

What jumped out for you when you read this passage?  Please share your thoughts below.

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