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In another blog posting, I’ve shared some of my favorite prayers for letting go.  Now I want to look at what studying these prayers can teach us.  Have a look with me!

We start by learning who we are.

I am: 

  • the son of Thy servant and Thy handmaiden
  • one of Thy servants, who hath believed on Thee and on Thy signs
  • standing before the habitation of Thy mercy
  • circling round God’s Will
  • eagerly awaiting the revelation of the effulgent splendours of the sun of God’s favours
  • poor and needy
  • calling upon Thee
  • ever ready to receive that which is praiseworthy in Thy sight
  • the sign of divine guidance
  • the banner that flutters in the field of sacrifice
  • bewildered by the matchless tokens of Thy Revelation
  • bewildered by the wondrous evidences of Thy dawning forth
  • bewildered by Thy signs and traces that have encompassed both heaven and earth

I have:

  • great humbleness
  • entire devotion
  • been wakened by the sweetness of His voice
  • entered and sought shelter beneath the shadow of the tree of His oneness
  • turned my face in the direction of His loving-kindness
  • set my face towards Him
  • turned my eyes towards the horizon of God’s bounty
  • set myself towards the door of His mercy
  • fixed my heart firmly on God
  • laid hold on the handle of His grace
  • clung to the cord of His tender mercy
  • been set ablaze with the fire of His Cause
  • panted after the fountain of His living waters
  • detached myself from everything but God
  • rid myself from the attributes of the world of existence
  • sanctified myself from the transitory things of this world
  • freed myself from the promptings of the voicers of idle fancies
  • fled from those who have denied the light of His countenance
  • not been hindered by the ungodly from looking upon His face
  • sought to become independent of all that dwell on earth
  • detached myself from my kindred
  • sought no desire, friend, companion, comforter or beloved but God
  • left my home in my longing to meet Him
  • circumambulated the sanctuary of His grandeur
  • shed radiance upon the realm of heart and soul
  • hastened forth unto the kingdom of immortality

I am Grateful that God

  • made known to me He Who is the Day-Spring of His mercy, the Dawning-Place of His grace, and the Repository of His Cause
  • enabled me to recognize His Manifestation
  • caused me to turn wholly towards His grace and bountiful favors
  • sanctified me from the hints of the infidels and the allusions of the misbelievers
  • severed me from His enemies
  • laid bare before my eyes their misdeeds and wicked works
  • rid me of all attachment to them
  • empowered me to be steadfast in His love
  • enabled me to speak forth His praise and extol His virtues
  • gave me to drink of the cup of His mercy
  • woke me up from my sleep
  • stirred me up
  • created in me the desire to perceive what most of His servants have failed to apprehend

I am blessed because I have

  • set myself towards God
  • hasted to attain the Dayspring of the lights of His face
  • turned to the Dawning-Place of His Revelation and the Fountainhead of His inspiration
  • expended in His path what He bestowed upon me through His bounty and favor
  • cast away all  else except Him
  • enjoyed intimate communion with Him
  • rid myself of all attachment to anyone save Him
  • drawn nigh unto the Fire is which He kindled in His land, and heard its roaring
  • for all the troubles which have touched me in His path

 I Ask God For . . . 


  • to bestow upon me a portion of His gifts and bounties
  • to make me independent of all things
  • to quaff the living waters of His loving-kindness
  • to send down His calm


  • to deny me not His grace
  • to deprive me not of the immensities of His riches
  • to withhold not from me what He ordained for the chosen among His servants
  • to forgive my sins
  • to exhilarate my heart
  • to ordain for me the good things that are with Him
  • to supply me with all the excellence that can be found on earth
  • to grant me an ampler share of His boundless favors
  • to grant me a portion from His unbounded felicity
  • to open to my face the portals of His bestowals
  • to recognize what He has desired for me
  • to partake of His celestial bestowals
  • to give me to drink from His chalice, tempered at the Camphor Fountain
  • to attain that which is the highest aspiration of the holy ones
  • to be afflicted every moment with a fresh tribulation for love of God and His pleasure
  • that the span of my earthly life could be extended to embrace the lives of the former and the latter generations
  • to reap the benefit of my life in this world and in the next


  • to illumine me with the light of detachment so I can utterly forget all else except God
  • to adorn my head with the crown of detachment from anyone and anything but God
  • to dispense with all except God
  • to be occupied only with God
  • for God to be sufficient
  • to break off from me the shackles of this world
  • to make me independent of anything else but God
  • to be wholly carried away from myself
  • to blot out from my heart all idle fancies and vain imaginings
  • to become wholly detached from my inclinations, corrupt and evil desires
  • to free me from the assaults of passion and desire
  • to rend asunder the veils that have hindered me
  • to soar to such heights that nothing would have the power to keep me back
  • to turn away from this mortal world and from those who have set their hearts on it
  • to be satisfied with whatsoever God hast ordained for me

Happiness and Joy 

  • to brighten my face with the lights of Thy bestowals
  • to light my eyes by beholding the signs of God’s all-subduing might
  • to rejoice me with the wine of loving Him
  • to gladden my soul with soul-reviving tidings of great joy
  • to let my heart be dilated with joy through the spirit of confirmation from His kingdom


  • to attire my inner and outer being with God’s favors and loving-kindness
  • to confer upon me Thy tender mercy and bestowals
  • to be exalted in both worlds
  • to bless me
  • to do  that which is good
  • to soar into the atmosphere of Thy tender mercy
  • to hasten my passing
  • to yield my  life in Thy path and ascend to Thee, wholly detached from anything else but Thee
  • to wing my flight towards Thee
  • to intercede on my behalf in the presence of the ever-living, sovereign Lord
  • to write down for me the good of this world and of the world to come
  • for my soul to ascend unto the loftiest mansions and pass into the presence of my all-glorious Companion
  • to cast not away this suppliant from the doors of Thy grace, bounty, and gifts
  • to deprive me not of the breezes of Thy tender mercy
  • to shatter not my hopes of attaining the shores of Thy glory
  • to grant that I may be numbered among those who have recognized Thee and acknowledged Thy sovereignty


  • to draw nigh unto God with all my affections
  • to draw me with rapture unto Thy supernal realm
  • to draw me nearer unto the river that is life indeed
  • to be drawn towards Thy throne
  • to drive me not away from Thee
  • to grant that I may lay hold on Thy cord at all times and under all conditions
  • to not be far removed from the shelter of Thy mercy
  • to abide within the precincts of Thy court
  • to enable Me to have communion and close association with the world of immortality
  • to have heavenly power
  • to rest under the shadow of the wings of Thy grace


  • to graciously assist me and my kindred to obey Thee
  • to carry out what Thou hast prescribed unto me in Thy Tablets
  • to pour out Thy steadfastness
  • to serve Thy Law
  • to attire me with the robe of righteousness
  • to shun whatsoever may stir up any evil or corrupt desire within me
  • to tread no path except the path of Thy good-pleasure
  • to be wholly dissolved in God’s wish
  • to hold fast to that which pleases God
  • to bedeck my temple with the robe of humility and lowliness before the revelation of Thy laws and Thy commandments


  • to confer Thy blessings upon the Messengers, the holy ones and the righteous
  • to deprive not Thy grace to all that love Thee
  • to turn not away such as have directed their steps towards Thee
  • to let Thy celestial aid surround those who love Thee
  • to pour forth upon all them that are dear to Thee what will preserve them from fear and trembling
  • to not cast out them that have sought Thee


  • to keep me safe from whatsoever may be abhorrent unto Thee


  • to be laid down as a sacrifice for you
  • so my entire being may be a sacrifice for the blood of the chosen ones of God
  • so my life may be offered up for the dust of these martyrs


  • to arise to serve Thee
  • to be occupied only with Thy Self


  • to enrapture my soul with Thy most mighty signs
  • to accept whatever God has bestowed upon me
  • to nourish me from the Table of Thy bounty and the heaven of Thy favor
  • to refresh me with the breathings of Thy holiness
  • to strengthen me through the breaths of the Holy Spirit
  • to quaff my fill from the choice sealed wine
  • to quicken me with the reviving breath of heavenly communion
  • to endow me with the wings of Thy strengthening grace
  • to enable me to soar on wings of detachment and divine aid


  • to exalt Thy Word
  • to proclaim Thy Cause
  • to promote Thy Teachings
  • to become a sign of divine guidance
  • to become a standard of the Concourse on high
  • to make me a minaret of Thy love in Thy land
  • to exalt God’s Word amongst His creatures
  • to proclaim His Cause amidst His servants
  • to speak of naught but the mysteries of Thy Cause
  • to spread abroad Thy signs and tokens
  • to raise up souls who will become free and pure
  • to adorn the world of being with a new raiment and a wondrous robe
  • to summon the hosts of wisdom and utterance to my assistance
  • to make me a banner of divine bounty in His dominion
  • to make me a lamp of God’s knowledge among His creatures


  • to be so lengthened that no man on the face of the earth could measure me
  • to give me to quaff Thy choice sealed Wine
  • to take me away from myself
  • to make me entirely devoted to Thy remembrance


  • to behold the hosts of divine assistance descending successively upon me
  • to delight my heart with the glory of Thy knowledge
  • to discover the revelations of Thine almighty power
  • to make me able to behold whatsoever Thou hast desired
  • to keep my eyes directed towards the horizon of Thy Revelation
  • to open to my face the portals of Thy grace
  • to remove the veil from my eyes

I’m acknowledging that:

  • There is no God besides Him
  • God is far greater than the Great One men call Him
  • God’s being is inscrutable to all save God
  • All things testify to God’s power, might and sovereignty
  • Within God’s grasp lie the reins of all affairs
  • God is powerful to do what He wills
  • God’s might is equal to all things
  • God is glorified and lauded
  • All the peoples of the world are powerless to resist His force
  • God’s help is sought by all men
  • God’s grace is immense
  • God is invincible in His power and the most skillful in His designs
  • No one else do we invoke but God
  • No one do we beseech but God’s favors
  • God’s is the absolute authority to command
  • God aids whomsoever He wills with whatever He pleases
  • If God was to bestow on one of His creatures what would equal the kingdoms of earth and heaven, it would still not diminish by even as much as an atom the immensity of His dominion

And that

  • God has called me unto Him
  • God has revealed His knowledge unto me
  • God is my Hope and my Beloved, my highest Aim and Desire
  • Unto God I repair for refuge and toward all His signs I set my heart
  • Remoteness from God has well-nigh consumed me
  • Separation from God has melted my heart within me
  • My soul burns with thirst in its ceaseless search after God
  • My sighs proclaim the bitterness of my anguish
  • The tears I shed attest my love for God
  • My eyes expect to gaze on the wonders of His mercy
  • My ears long to hearken unto  His sweet melodies
  • My heart yearns for the living waters of His knowledge
  • God well knows the secrets of my heart and sees whatsoever is of me
  • Whether traveling or at home, and in my occupation or in my work, I place my whole trust in God

And that He is:

  • He Whose help is implored by all men
  • my Beloved
  • my Desire
  • my God
  • my Lord
  • my Master
  • potent to do what He wills
  • the Able
  • the All-Compelling
  • the All-Glorious
  • the All-Knowing
  • the All-Loving
  • the All-Possessing
  • the All-Powerful
  • the All-Sufficing
  • the All-Wise
  • the Almighty
  • the Beloved of every understanding heart
  • the Beneficent
  • the Creator
  • the Desire of such as have near access unto Thee
  • the Ever-Forgiving
  • the Goal of my desire
  • the God of all that are in heaven and all that are on earth
  • the God of glory
  • the God of knowledge and wisdom
  • the God of Mercy
  • the God of power
  • the Hearing
  • the Help in Peril
  • The kind Lord
  • the King of all Kings
  • The King of this world and the Kingdom above
  • the Lord of all created things
  • the Lord of all mankind
  • the Lord of bounty and grace
  • The Lord of dominion and might
  • the Lord of grace abounding
  • The Lord of the Kingdom
  • the Lord of the worlds
  • the Maker of the heavens and of the earth
  • The merciful
  • the Mighty
  • the Most Bountiful
  • the Most Compassionate
  • the Most Exalted
  • the Most Generous
  • the Most Merciful
  • the Omnipotent
  • the Peerless
  • the Possessor of all names and attributes
  • the Possessor of this world and of the next.
  • the Potent
  • the Powerful
  • the Rich
  • the Seeing
  • the Self-Subsisting
  • the Sovereign
  • The Spirit of Purity
  • Thou Who art unsurpassed in Thy mercy

Why is knowing all these names important?

Because, in the short Healing Prayer, we read:

Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy.  (Bahá’u’lláh, Baha’i Prayers, p. 85)

Reciting and meditating on them will bring us healing!

How has this helped you understand the prayers for assistance with tests better?  Post your comments below!