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In another blog posting, I’ve shared some of my favorite Baha’i prayers for assistance with tests.  Now I want to look at what studying these prayers can teach us.  Have a look with me! 

According to the prayers . . .

My tests include: 

  • weakness has overtaken me
  • adversaries have fallen upon me
  • adversity and tribulations have gathered about me
  • thirst has utterly consumed me
  • wretchedness has touched me
  • sorrows have laid hold on me
  • poverty has despoiled me
  • woes have befallen me
  • fear and trembling have violently crushed me
  • sins have utterly doomed me
  • I have great difficulty in putting my trust in God

  My tests cause me to be: 

  • sore pressed with cares
  • encompassed about by the wicked

I recognize that:

God’s Reality

  • God’s help is better for us than everything that has been created on earth
  • Whatever pertains to God will endure as long as His most excellent names endure

God’s Bounties

  • From eternity the tokens of God’s bounty have encompassed the universe
  • The splendors of God’s Most Great Name have been shed over all created things
  • God’s mercy has embraced the whole creation
  • God’s grace has pervaded all things
  • A dewdrop out of the ocean of God’s mercy can adorn all things with the ornament of sanctity
  • A sprinkling of the waters of God’s bounty can cause the entire creation to attain unto true wealth
  • The door of God’s grace remains wide open
  • The flow of God’s gifts is not stopped by my withdrawal from Him
  • Our sins don’t deter us from vouchsafing God’s bounty
  • The ocean of God’s generosity revealed eagerness and enthusiasm

Our Relationship to God

  • Wayward though we be we still cling to God’s bounty
  • Even though we’re ignorant, we still set our faces toward the ocean of God’s wisdom
  • God sees my tribulations and all that has befallen me
  • God is the only Desire of those who fix their thoughts on Him
  • Whoever has recognized God will turn nowhere else
  • Nothing is worthy of any mention unless it enters beneath God’s shadow, and gains admittance into His court

The World

  • The world and whatever is in it must perish
  • If the world was to last as long as God’s kingdom will last, it would still be unseemly to set our affections on it


  • The chances that overtake us, and the changes to which we are continually subjected attest the world’s impermanence
  • Such are the troubles that vex me, that no pen in the entire creation can either reckon or describe them.

For others I pray that God will: 

  • assist those who have turned towards Him, spoken forth His praise, and are determined to help Him
  • cause them to be aware of Him, so that they will bear witness to His unity
  • enable them to recognize Him and hasten towards Him
  • not deny anyone His grace, fairness and justice
  • send down that which will purge them from every ordeal and whatever is hateful
  • direct the bewildered souls to the fountain of His guidance
  • raise them up to such heights that no amount of tribulation will keep them back or any trouble hinder them from turning towards His court
  • endow the blind with light, the deaf with hearing, the dumb with speech, the lukewarm with energy, the heedless with mindfulness, the sleepers with wakefulness, and the proud with humility
  • quicken the dead by eternal life

 I’m asking God for:


  • to help me with His wondrous help
  • to assist me in all cases
  • to help me under all circumstances
  • to grant me my utmost desire
  • to cause the closed doors become opened
  • to cause the uneven roads become even


  • to seek the wonders of your all-pervasive grace
  • to refresh these faded souls with His gifts
  • to illumine these lowly beings


  • to grant that I will detach myself from anything that doesn’t pertain to Him


  • to nourish me with the fruits of His Eternity
  • to attire me with the embroidered robe of His omnipotent sovereignty
  • to let me attain spiritual joy, eternal happiness and heavenly life
  • to let me sleep, lulled by the cooing of the Dove of Thine Eternity


  • to immerse me beneath the ocean of His forgiveness
  • to conceal my sins
  • to beseech His forgiveness


  • to feed me from His cups of joy, offered by the hands of His tender mercies


  • to fortify my heart in His love and in His Faith
  • to give me to drink from the breasts of His loving-kindness
  • to shelter me beneath the shadow of the wings of His mercy
  • to let my face shine by His love


  • to cast these thirsty fishes into the sea of His mercy


  • to grant that I may set my heart on the sanctuary of His glory
  • to not be far from me
  • to leave me not to myself
  • to keep me near the throne of His majesty
  • to keep me face-to-face with the revelation of His signs of glory
  • to let me abide before the throne of His oneness, amid the blaze of the beauty of His countenance
  • to let me drink from the Sweet Water of the Life of His gifts
  • to let my sight become brighter by witnessing His signs


  • to preserve me in the shelter of His care and protection
  • to overwhelm all the armies of the inferior concourse
  • to cause these wanderers to abide in the shelter of His might
  • to send down His invisible hosts, so that they will help me and shield me against His adversaries
  • to prevent anything from hindering me in remembering Him, celebrating His praise, and observing what He has prescribed in His Tablets


  • to grant that I may help His Cause
  • to let me arise to serve Him


  • to grant that I may speak of His praise
  • to hasten forth to cry out His name and proclaim His virtues


  • to guide my lost caravan to the asylum of His unity

 I’m acknowledging that there is:

  • No God besides Him

And that He is:

  • the All-Glorious
  • the Almighty
  • the Compassionate
  • the Comprehending
  • the Forgiver
  • the Forgiving
  • the Generous
  • the God of glory and wisdom
  • the God of power
  • the Great Giver
  • the Help in Peril
  • the King of all bounty
  • the Lord of all favors
  • the Loving
  • the Most High
  • the Most Powerful
  • the Omnipotent
  • the One who is supreme over all who are in heaven and on earth
  • the Powerful
  • the Self-Subsisting

 Why is knowing all these names important? 

Because, in the short Healing Prayer, we read:

Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy.  (Bahá’u’lláh, Baha’i Prayers, p. 85)

Reciting and meditating on them will bring us healing!

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How has this helped you understand the prayers for assistance with tests better?  Post your comments below!