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What am I taking?

Choko Snowmobile Jacket:  purchased in Labrador City’s Salvation Army over 10 years ago for $10 (with a price tag still on it for $349), and been worn every year since!  It’s good down to minus 40.

Arc’teryk Jacket with hood:  Good down to minus 20, which I’ll wear under my Choko to cover my bum and give me an extra layer.

Bogs winter boots:  Good down to minus 40.  I’ve added a thermal boot liner to make them even warmer.

Ice cleats for my boots – apparently the walking can be very slippery

Reflective vest:  to wear over my coat.  With only 4 hours of daylight, I imagine I’ll be doing lots of walking in the dark and want to make sure I’m seen!

What have I bought specifically for this trip?

Long underwear

Thermal Socks

Thermal boot liners:  Good down to minus 25 – hopefully this will make my warm boots even warmer.

Ski Mask:  In such cold weather, your eyes water and freeze to your face.  In Lab City this happened to me.  I was wearing metal framed glasses which touched my cheekbone and froze the glasses to my face!  The skin peeled off when I took them off and that spot has been susceptible to frost-bite ever since, so this time I’m going prepared!

Neoprene Full face mask designed for the Arctic:  To protect against horizontal winds and ice pellets!

Head Lamp:  I don’t see in the dark!  So a hands-free flashlight should both help me see and be seen, and leave my hands for the dog or to put in my pockets to keep warm!

Icebreaker wool glove liners to wear under my mitts.