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We know we are all sinners, in that we fall short of the standards God has set for us.  That’s a given!  But how do we overcome our sins?  Virtues are a powerful tool.

If it were not for sin how would you appreciate virtue? (Abdu’l-Bahá, Foundations of World Unity, p. 78)

Thus, when the spirit is fed with holy virtues, then is the body joyous; if the soul falls into sin, the body is in torment!  (Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 65)

The following are a list of sins mentioned in the Baha’i Writings.  For each one, ask God to remove it from you and replace it with the virtue you need instead.


Abandonment adopt, advocate, assert, cherish, claim, favour, hold, keep, maintain, protect, support
Advancing self over others altruism, humility, self-sacrifice, service, value, loyalty, selfless, encourage, strengthen
Anger amiability, charity, detachment, forbearance, forgiveness, gentleness, leniency, long-suffering, love, mildness, patience, peace, peacefulness, self-control, self-restraint
Antagonism approving, agreeable, cooperation, friendliness, hospitable, welcoming
Anxiety assurance, calmness, confidence, ease, faith, light-heartedness , tranquillity, trust
Apathy anticipation, eagerness, excitement, passion, animation, zeal, drive, fervor, active, dynamic
Approval Seeking looking to God for approval; obedience, encouraging, selfless, humility
Argue agree, harmonize, ignore, overlook, comply, compromise, unity, harmonize, accept, detachment, ignore
Attachment to the material world detach, disconnect, remove, separate, sever, unfasten, focus attention on spiritual world
Avarice bountiful, generosity, liberal, philanthropy, beneficent, charitable, compassionate, magnanimous, selfless
Betrayal faithfulness, loyalty, trueness, trustworthiness, allegiance, fidelity, staunchness, constancy, honorable, steadfast
Bitterness contented, forgiving, detached, friendliness, goodwill, hospitality, warmth, agreeable, compassion, empathy


Blame approve, commend, compliment, endorse, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, praise
Boasting humility, modesty, reserve, selfless, submissive, unassuming, downplay, understate
Bribery decency, honesty, honor, truthfulness, fair, incorruptible, morality, justice
Contention affection, consideration, friendliness, friendship, good will, kindness, sympathy
Corruption decency, honesty, honor, truthfulness, integrity, moral, incorruptible, purity, rectitude, character, virtue, justice
Covetousness acceptance, benevolent, generous, giving, gratitude, bountiful, charitable
Cruelty charity, compassion, consideration, kindness, mercy, niceness, thoughtfulness
Deception frankness, honesty, honor, openness, transparent, trustworthiness, truthfulness, uprightness
Depression cheerfulness, encouragement, happiness, hope, gratitude, contentment, optimism, enjoyment, joyful, happy
Dishonesty honesty, trustworthiness, respect, uprightness, scrupulousness, rectitude, fairness, reliability, truthfulness, integrity, dependable, ethical, just
Dispute agreement, acceptance, detachment, unity, love, harmony, consensus, accord, peace
Dissension (means opposition, rebellion, conflict) concurrence, harmony, agreement, cooperation, compliance, unanimity, peace, acceptance, peacefulness, calm, truce, submission, deference, loyalty, amiability
Doubt belief, faith, trust, certitude, conviction, assurance, confidence, reliance, anticipation, hope, optimism
Envy gratitude, contentment, detachment, faith, trust, forgiveness, confidence, satisfied, selfless
Estrangement (means rift, separation) reconciliation, forgiveness, loyalty, peace, unity, attachment, connection, affection, faithfulness
Extortion moderation, justice, detachment, moral, compensation, reparation, balance 


Fanaticism (means extremism) moderation, temperance, balance, broad-minded, open, liberal, fair, tolerant
Fear bravery, courage, faith, trust, assurance, confidence, valor, peacefulness, unconcern
Fraud truthfulness, openness, transparency, candor, guilelessness, fairness, honesty, reliability, trustworthy, incorruptible, ethical, integrity
Gluttony moderation, detachment, simplicity, abstinence, temperance, frugal, restraint, self-control
Gossip truthfulness, silence, fact, accomplishment, reality, substance, authenticity, rejoice, validate
Greed contentment, gratitude, satisfaction, bountiful, generosity, charitable, selfless
Guilt innocence, blameless, integrity, rectitude, sinless, purity, faultless, excellence, virtuous, incorruptible
Hatred love, affection, blessing, joy, appreciation, admiration, acceptance, tolerance
Haughtiness (means conceit, pride, self-importance) humility, meekness, modesty, lowliness, submissiveness, deference, altruistic
Holding grudges detachment, forgiveness, hospitality, friendliness, sympathy, understanding, goodwill
Hypocrisy candor, honesty, simplicity, truthfulness, openness, sincerity, righteous, authentic, frank, open, confident, faith
Idle Talk Busy, active, encouraging, working, industrious, ambitious, useful, truthful
Ignorance education, experience, awareness, familiarity, training, knowledge, learning, literacy
Imitation authentic, genuine, natural, original, different, true, candid, distinct, intrinsic, pure, truthful
Injustice justice, benefit, improvement, service, blessing, mercy, remedy, equity, fairness
Insincerity sincerity, directness, forthrightness, frankness, honesty, openness, straight-forward, truthful
Isolation hospitality, friendship, friendliness, camaraderie, companionship, fellowship, society, service
Jealousy distraction, kindness, mercifulness, trust, sympathy, benevolence, gratitude, goodwill
Judgmentalism praise, undemanding, charitable, forgiving
Laxity (means carelessness, sloppiness) meticulous, painstaking, mindful, observant, vigilant, watchful, foresighted, responsible, thoughtful, concerned, interested, careful, scrupulous, conscientious
Loneliness service, accompany, hospitality, friendly, neighborly, encouraging, comfortable, hopeful, optimistic
Love of luxury and comfort detachment, poverty, charity, benevolence, philanthropy, generosity, economical, frugal, humble
Lust chastity, abstinence, celibacy, detachment, purity
Lying truthfulness, trustworthiness, sincerity, candor, frankness, honesty, moral, principled, honorable, dependable
Malice love, goodwill, charitable, compassionate, sympathetic, friendliness, kindness, clemency, sympathy, empathy
Materialism spiritual, satisfied, trust, faith, detached, aid, assistance, bountiful, charity, generosity, unselfish
Negativity positive, affirming, affirmative, encouraging, supportive, optimistic, positive, gracious, accepting
Neglect pay attention to, detailed, focused, mindful, care, attention, complete, finish, notice, protect, appreciate, celebrate, coddle, nurture
Negligence (careless, inattention) attention, awareness, focus, observance, watchfulness, responsibility, heedful, mindful
Obstinacy (means stubbornness, pig-headedness, inflexibility) open-minded, reasonable, accepting, flexible, compliance, obedience, subordination, surrender, yielding
Passion (means obsession, rage) mildness, peacefulness, self-control, long-suffering, self-restraint, calm, composure
Perfectionism moderation, satisfaction, detachment
Prejudice benefit, improvement, service, help, open-minded, toleration, love, oneness
Pride humility, modesty, meekness, detachment, lowly, selfless, meekness, esteem, value
Remiss (means careless, inattentive, negligent) diligent, meticulous, painstaking, exacting, mindful, observant, vigilant, responsible, attentive, interested
Securing private gains generosity, charity, benevolence, philanthropy, altruistic, humanitarian, self-sacrificing, sharing, bountiful
Self-desire giving, sharing, generosity, detachment, trust, faith, selfless
Self-hatred love, affection, blessing, joy, appreciation, admiration, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, understanding
Self-Pity service, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, joy
Selfishness giving, self-sacrificing, service, generosity, sharing, benevolent, charitable, humanitarian, magnanimous, philanthropic, selfless
Sensuality elevated, exalted, intellectual, enlightened, spiritual, noble, refined
Strife (means conflict, friction, rivalry) concord, truce, peace, cooperation, agreement, harmony, accord, harmony, alliance, compromise, consensus, cooperation, truce, acquiescence
Suspicion assurance, certainty, conviction, resolution, decision, resolve, certitude, faith 
Tyranny democracy, freedom, autonomy, compassion, deliverance, disengage, emancipate, escape, liberty, self-determination
Ungodliness virtuous, noble, Godly, moral, holy, sacred, religious, devout, moral, pious, chaste, divine, pure
Unfaithfulness faithful, loyal, true, firm, dependable, dutiful, obedient, trustworthy, determined, confirmed, dedicated, steadfast
Unworthy thoughts worthy, meritorious, precious, worthwhile, good, commendable, valuable

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