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At all times do I speak of you and call you to mind. I pray unto the Lord, and with tears I implore Him to rain down all these blessings upon you, and gladden your hearts, and make blissful your souls, and grant you exceeding joy and heavenly delights.  (Selections from the Writings of Abdu’l-Bahá, p. 17)

Wow!  On days when I feel unlovable, this quote changes my stinking thinking in a flash.  Because of my traumatic childhood, where I didn’t feel the love of my parents and felt abandoned by God, too, I got used to being alone and lonely.  I told myself that it didn’t matter.  I drowned my sorrow in work, service, escape fiction, food, self-pity, victimization, beating myself up and many other ways to soothe my broken heart.  I pushed people away when they got too close, because being loved didn’t fit the story I believed about myself.  This quote challenged all that.

Now I try to imagine being so loved by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, that I’m always on His mind.  At every moment, He’s asking God to rain down His blessings, gladden my heart, make blissful my soul and grant me exceeding joy and heavenly delight.  What if these bounties and blessings have been streaming forth for me all along?  My hunch is that I’ve only accepted a thimble-full (or less) when I could have been accepting a gallon bucket or even a giant dumpster full.  Today, I’m going to remember this love and these blessings and I’m going to look for them, accept them and be warmed by them.

Knowing how much I’m loved unconditionally by the only people that matter, I am grateful!

What jumped out for you as you read today’s meditation?  I’d love it if you would share so we can all expand our knowledge of the Writings!

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