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By Lynn Wright

I am a Treewoman deeply rooted in the heartfelt knowledge of who I really am

Spiritual gems and mysteries lie at the core of my being

My task is to find them, for they have been heavily covered over and buried

 Under a dark and heavy burden of pain, abuse, oppression and lies

Individual and unique, my movements are a dance of life

Interacting with the world around me

I am afraid of my vulnerability, but it allows for changes in my movements and

 Keeps me from being overly rigid so that I can  to bend and not break

 when the winds of life assail me

To be myself I must let go of my false belief that by allowing myself to be

Swayed by other people’s needs and opinions I can be safer

My strength and sustenance, each breath I take all come from the Creator

 My movement, my growth, my voice are a call a praise, a thanks, to life, to all that is good

I am becoming an imperfectionist, perfectly imperfect

Realizing that the trauma is the problem, not me

It has placed artificial boundaries around how I am in the world.

Feeling the support of the floor and my breath I  move around my pain and limitations

A Treewoman needs space to be herself, to flow without direction

To be in touch with the mysterious, to love and to be herself

Once she begins to love herself inwardly she can relate to the world in a way that respects

Her boundaries and does not compromise who she is.

 A loving, joyful, free, creative being