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Living in the Present Moment


“. . . let us turn our hearts away from the world of matter and live in the spiritual world! It alone can give us freedom!”

Let us live in the spiritual realm . . . who wouldn’t want that?  No bills, unconditional love, rest, relaxation . . .

Is it possible to have those things in this world?  It must be, or ‘Abdul-Bahá wouldn’t be suggesting we do it.  I think this quote is talking about living in the present moment.  For most of us, this present moment, right now, as I’m writing this and you’re reading it, we are safe.  We are free from abuse and bills, and in this moment, if we take the time to turn to the spiritual world, we can feel the love that’s there for us, and get the rest and relaxation we need.

Perhaps our lives in the past were not what we wanted them to be; and we know that our life in the future will be rife with tests, but just now, in this moment, if we turn to the spiritual realm, everything is fine.