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How to Get What You Want out of Life

Different people look at life in entirely different ways. While some people let things happen to them, others go out and make things happen. It’s very important to have an understanding of which group you belong to.

If you are driven by a compelling vision, you have a greater chance to feel good about yourself.

If you have a true mission, you have a better chance to know where you are going in your life.

When you feel you are in control of your life and events, you will naturally feel more confident and motivated to achieve more.

Life Coaches love to ask questions, to help people come to their own answers. The following is a series of questions for you to ask yourself in order to do some soul searching and to give yourself some insights into what you are all about and why you are here. Having the right question, and answering it well, is one way to get what you want out of life:

1. As a child, what did you dream of becoming?

2. Which three people do you think have influenced your life the most and why?

3. If you could choose your career and get paid whatever you wanted, what would you opt for?

4. What are your top three achievements in life so far? What was so special about them?

5. Doing what makes you the happiest in life?

6. Who are the three people who you admire the most? What are their characteristics and qualities you admire so much?

7. Have you ever helped someone less fortunate than you? If yes, what did you do? If no, why not?

8. List out your greatest strengths?

9. What steps should you take in life to maximise your strengths?

10. What is that one thing for which you would be willing to put everything on the block for? Why?

11. Imagine that all the time you spent till now comes back to you. How would you utilize it now? What would you do with the time this second time round?

12. There are sure to be results/ events in your life you are happy about? What are these? Which are the results/ events you are unhappy about?

13. Is there a word of advice you have picked up from your life so far that you want to pass on to the world?

14. Name one thing you value the most in life?

15. What would you really like to do with your life?

The whole point of getting you to think about those questions was to really get you to think about what you want now and what you wanted for your life when you were younger.

Is it easier for you now, after answering these questions, to realize what you want from life and how you are going to get it?
Research has shown that when you identify a goal and tell another person about it, you’re more likely to carry it out. To make you accountable for moving forward, I’d like you to set a goal from this new learning, and post your comment here, and then when you’ve achieved it, I’d like you to tell us that too.
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