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God’s Affirmations


I’m often asked about the Baha’i perspective on affirmations.  One things I’ve noticed is that the affirmations researchers suggest that everything be positive; that the brain can’t process a negative, yet the Creative Word of God often uses negatives, and yet, we know that reading the Writings morning and night will transform us from gnats into eagles.

Here are some affirmations I’ve pulled together from prayers found in the most frequently used prayer book.


  • Cleanse me of all defilement that will hinder me from seeking the shade of the tree of Thy grace


  • Make him one of Thy angels whose feet walk upon this earth even as their souls are souring through the high heavens
  • Supply us with every good thing sent down by Thee
  • Ordain for us such good as Thine all-embracing knowledge can measure
  • Grant us that which is good and seemly
  • Send forth such hosts as would render Thy faithful servants victorious
  • Make me ever ready to receive that which is praiseworthy in Thy sight
  • Bestow on me such good as will make me independent of aught but Thee
  • Grant me an ampler share of Thy boundless favors
  • Bestow upon us a share from the ocean of Thy wealth
  • All beings partake of Thy care and loving-kindness
  • Give us our daily bread
  • Grant Thine increase in the necessities of life
  • Sustain me that I may attain my goal
  • Bless my affairs
  • Redeem my debts
  • Satisfy my needs
  • Deprive me not of the wellsprings of Thine aid and favor
  • Deprive me not from my share of the banquet of Thy grace
  • Grant me to behold Thy splendors on the loftiest mount
  • Enkindle me with the fire of Thy love
  • Attire both my inner and outer being with the raiment of Thy favors and Thy loving-kindness
  • Nourish me from the Table Thou didst send down out of the clouds of Thy bounty and the heaven of Thy favor
  • Ordain for me every good thing Thou didst send down in Thy Book
  • Open to my face the portals of Thy bestowals
  • Withhold not from me what Thou didst ordain for the chosen among Thy servants
  • Enrapture my soul with Thy most mighty signs
  • Grant that I may reap the benefit of my life in this world and in the next
  • Open to my face the portals of Thy grace
  • Confer upon me Thy tender mercy and bestowals
  • Let Thy celestial aid surround those who love Thee
  • Bestow upon us the gifts and the bounties Thou dost possess
  • Bestow upon me my portion
  • Rain down Thy plenteous bounties upon him


  • Break off from me the shackles of this nether world
  • Make me wholly detached form all except Thee
  • Thou seest me detached form all save Thee
  • Help me to be occupied only with Thy self
  • Rid me of all attachment to anyone except Thee
  • Blot out from my heart all idle fancies and vain imaginings
  • Rend asunder the veils that have hindered me from appearing before the throne of Thy majesty and from standing at the door of Thy gate
  • I have detached myself from all but Thee
  • Remove the veil from mine eyes so that I may recognize what Thou hast desired for me
  • Draw me out of the depths of my corrupt and evil desires
  • Make me able to behold whatsoever Thou hast desired
  • Vouchsafe unto me what will enable me to dispense with all except Thee
  • Destine for me that which will make me independent of everyone else besides Thee
  • Be Thou sufficient unto us of all things
  • Grant me Thy sufficing help so as to make me independent of all things
  • Cause me to be satisfied with whatsoever Thou hast ordained for me
  • Number me with such as have detached themselves from everything but Thee
  • Sanctify me  from the transitory things of this world
  • Free me from the promptings of the voicers of idle fancies
  • Fill up for me the cup of detachment from all things
  • Number me with such as have rid themselves from everything except Thyself
  • Send down that which will purge out form me the remembrance of anyone except Thee


  • Strengthen then their vision that they may discern Thy signs
  • Lift the veil from before his sight


  • May we become oblivious of self
  • Abandon me not unto mine own self and unto the desires of a corrupt inclination
  • Deliver me from the depths of my fancies and idle imaginings
  • Cleanse me of all that is abhorrent unto Thee
  • Grant that I may be forgetful of self and ever mindful of what is  Thine
  • Help me to utterly forget all else except Thee
  • Thine is the absolute authority to command
  • Free me from the assaults of passion and desire


  • Have mercy on the feeble
  • Conceal my faults
  • Forgive my sins
  • Purify me from trespasses
  • I have been assured of Thy pardon and forgiveness
  • With one wave from the ocean of Thy forgiveness, all those encompassed by sin will be set free.
  • Bestow then Thy forgiveness and pardon and grant Thy mercy unto all
  • Forgive our sins and have mercy upon us
  • Forgive me and those who support Thy faith
  • I beg Thy forgiveness and implore pardon after the manner Thou wishest Thy servants to direct themselves to Thee
  • Wash away our sins
  • I beg Thee to forgive me since I have fallen short in my duty to know Thee and have failed to walk in the path of Thy love

God’s Will

  • Behold me standing ready to do Thy will
  • I have desired only what Thou didst desire and love only what Thou dost love
  • Here am I.  Here am I.
  • Strengthen my heart to walk undeviatingly in the path of Truth
  • Make me independent of all that dwell on earth
  • I turn nowhere for a haven but into Thy safe keeping
  • Make us such that we shall love but Thy good pleasure
  • O God, guide me, protect me
  • Powerful art Thou to do what Thou willest
  • I have set myself towards the door of Thy mercy
  • I have turned my face in the direction of Thy loving kindness
  • Aid me to do that which is good
  • I have committed my spirit and my entire being unto the right hand of Thy might and Thy protection
  • I lay my head o n my pillow through Thy power and lift it up according to Thy will and Thy good pleasure
  • I ask not but that which Thou dost desire
  • Make me hear Thy call
  • Naught can resist Thy will nor frustrate what Thou
  •  hast purposed by Thy power


  • Illumine my face with the light of Thy countenance
  • Illumine my face with the radiance of the orb of Thy bounty
  • Grant that I may become the sign of Thy mercy
  • Illumine the lamp of my heart and make me a brilliant star
  • Deliver me from darkness
  • Brighten my eyes by beholding the hosts of divine assistance descending successively upon me
  • Brighten Thou my face with the lights of Thy bestowals
  • Light my eyes with beholding the signs of Thine all–subduing might
  • Cause him to become a brilliant lamp, shining out with the light of thy wisdom in the midst of Thy people


  • I yield Thee thanks that Thou hast made known unto me Him who is the Dayspring of Thy mercy
  • I yield Thee thanks that Thou hast wakened me from my sleep, and stirred me up and created in me the desire to perceive what most of Thy servants have failed to apprehend
  • I yield Thee praise inasmuch as Thou didst reveal Thyself unto me
  • I praise Thee and I thank Thee for guiding her unto Thine obvious kingdom and caused her to hear Thine exalted call and to behold Thy signs which prove the appearance of Thy victorious reign over all things


  • Cause me to enter the garden of happiness
  • Help us then to quaff the living waters of Thy loving kindness
  • Let my heart be dilated with joy through the spirit of confirmation from Thy kingdom
  • Rejoice me with the wine of loving Thee
  • Delight my heart with the glory of Thy knowledge
  • Gladden my soul with Thy soul reviving tidings of great joy
  • Make me happy by the wine of Thy love in this wonderful age
  • Cheer his spirit by revealing to him Thy manifest splendors


  • My eye turneth expectant and full of hope to the morn of Thy boundless favor


  • Immerse me in the depths of the ocean of Thy knowledge
  • Keep mine eyes directed towards the horizon of Thy Revelation
  • Disclose unto her Thy spiritual mysteries
  • Rejoice his heart with the light of the knowledge of Thee
  • Draw his mind unto Thy luminous beauty


  • Thou art my companion in my loneliness and in my solitude a loving friend
  • Befriend me in my loneliness
  • Accompany me in my exile


  • Make my heart overflow with love for Thy creatures
  • Grant that I may become the promoter of concord among Thy loved ones
  • Make me a minaret of Thy love in Thy land

 Nearness to God

  • Strengthen my hand that it may take hold of Thy book
  • Hold Thou my hand with the hand of Thy power
  • Make my prayer burn away the veils that have shut me out from Thee
  • Let Thy love enrich me
  • Aid me to remember Thee and praise Thee
  • Send down unto us that which draws us nigh unto Thee
  • Aid me to turn towards Thee
  • Aid and assist me at all times and under all conditions
  • Make me able to dispense with everything but Thee
  • Make me rich enough to dispense with all save Thee
  • May I be occupied only with Thee
  • Cause me to turn wholly unto Thee
  • Thou art my refuge
  • Nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God sufficeth
  • None have I sought nor any will I seek save Thee
  • Grant me admission within the precincts of Thy transcendent mercy
  • Grant that I may consort with Thy chosen ones
  • Draw me nearer unto the river that is life indeed
  • Grant that I may at all times and under all conditions, lay hold on Thy cord
  • Unto Thee I repair for refuge and toward all Thy signs I set my heart
  • Draw me with rapture unto Thy supernal realm
  • Refresh me with the breathings of Thy holiness
  • Open before my face the doors of Thy heaven so that I may see the light of Thy glory and become attracted to Thy beauty.
  • Intoxicate him with the wine of love for Thee
  • I have laid hold on the handle of Thy bounty and clung steadfastly to the hem of the robes of Thy favor
  • Deny me not the fragrance of Thy raiment in Thy days
  • Deprive me not of the breathings of Thy Revelation


  • Graciously assist me and my kindred to obey Thee and to shun whatsoever may stir up any evil or corrupt desire within me


  • Enable such servants of Thine as are deprived of knowledge to be admitted into Thy Cause
  • Let the outpourings of Thy bounty and blessings descend upon home whose inmates have embraced Thy faith
  • Forgive me, my parents and those who in Thy estimation have entered the abode of Thy love in a manner which is worthy of thy transcendent sovereignty
  • Make the eyes of my husband to see
  • I dedicate that which is in my womb unto Thee

Pleasing God

  • Enable me to attain Thy good pleasure
  • I ask of Thee to accept from him that which he hath achieved in Thy days
  • Grant that I may be invested with the glory of Thy good –pleasure and adorned with Thine acceptance
  • Grant that I may be numbered among them that have recognized Thee
  • Grant that I may carry out what Thou hast prescribed unto me in Thy Tablets
  • Aid me to do what will shed forth the fragrance of Thy good pleasure


  • Protect me from turning to anyone but Thee
  • Protect me from the hosts of idle fancies and vain imaginings
  • Let no harm beset me in times of tests
  • In moments of heedlessness, guide my steps aright through Thine inspiration
  • Shield me from all that runs counter to Thy will
  • Shelter under Thy protection, this enthralled, enkindled servant of Thine
  • Free me from error
  • Cause me to rest under the shadow of the wings of Thy grace
  • Keep me safe from whatsoever may be abhorrent unto Thee
  • Guard mine eyes from beholding aught beside Thee

Remembrance of God

  • My drooping soul is refreshed and strengthened in remembrance of Thy beauty and perfection
  • I have set my face towards Thee


  • Turn my sorrow into blissful joy
  • Dispel my grief by Thy bounty and Thy generosity
  • Banish my anguish though Thy sovereignty and Thy might
  • Set my face towards Thee at a time when sorrows have compassed me on every side
  • Remove the pangs of my sorrow
  • Free me from unhappiness
  • Dispel my sorrow and change my darkness into light
  • My sighs proclaim the bitterness of mine anguish and the tears I shed attest my love for Thee


  • Ordain for me what will enable to arise to serve Thee
  • Aid me in ministering at Thy holy threshold
  • Enable me to render service to the world of humanity
  • Grant me added strength at the break of every morn
  • Devote myself to the service of Thy cause
  • I am Thy servant and in Thy hands


  • Aid me to remain steadfast and firm in Thy love


  • May we ever strive to exalt Thy Cause and spread Thy sweet savors far and wide
  • Loose my tongue to laud Thy name amidst Thy people
  • Make me a lamp of Thy knowledge among Thy creatures
  • Assist me to spread abroad Thy signs and tokens and proclaim Thy cause and promote Thy teachings


  • Turn the distressing cares of Thy holy ones into ease
  • Turn my hardship into comfort
  • Turn my abasement into glory


  • I put my whole reliance in Thee
  • Thou beholdest the things which have befallen me in Thy days
  • I have believed in Thee and in Thy signs.
  • I place my whole trust in Thee


  • Enlighten my sight by beholding Thy lights in this dark night

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How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind


Many people go through their lives without understanding why they make the same mistakes, follow the same patterns, and live in the same ruts. They aren’t happy with their present situation, but they seem to be unable to make any lasting changes. Are you one of these people?

Perhaps you’ve attend seminars, read books, and taken courses, but, in the end, fallen back into the same dysfunctional patterns you’ve always followed! Why does it always turn out this way?

We struggle to make permanent changes in our lives because we input information only into our conscious mind. Here’s the problem: your conscious mind is not what directs your behaviors and belief system.

To change your behaviors, you must first reprogram the hard-wired center of your mind: the subconscious mind.

How Does Your Subconscious Mind Work?

The subconscious is the largest part of our mind. It contains all the messages we’ve received throughout our lives. It holds millions and millions of thoughts grouped into clusters that form beliefs, mindsets and character traits.

The relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds is like an iceberg. The conscious mind is represented by the visible tip of the iceberg, while the subconscious is represented by the gigantic lower portion of the iceberg hidden from view.

You can’t see the subconscious in action, but it certainly has a major impact on the voyage you take in your life.

The subconscious is the place where all of your learned behaviors reside. Once you learn to walk, you don’t need to consider how to lift and place each foot to take the next step, do you? Of course not! Your subconscious mind automatically controls your steps.

Your subconscious learns behavior through repetition and practice. Just as it learned to control your footsteps when you learned to walk, it also controls your footsteps in your life’s journey based on what you’ve reinforced throughout your life.

The good news is you can reprogram your subconscious mind by inputting and reinforcing new thoughts and actions! There are several different techniques you can use to tap into the subconscious mind and reprogram how it works.

Here are some strategies you can use to change your mind and change your life:

1.Affirmations. Affirmations work to change your subconscious mind by using positive, personal, present tense statements to override the embedded negative thinking. By repeating these positive thoughts, you can create new pathways in your subconscious, giving it new attitudes.

Then your subconscious causes you to act in new ways that agree with these new attitudes. For example, repeating words from the Bahá’í prayers: “I will be a happy and joyful being” or “Enable me to render service to the world of humanity” can change your mindset and set your intention for the day!

2.Visualization. Visualization is the act of creating detailed mental pictures that depict a desired outcome so you can see success for yourself. which then directs behavior accordingly. Top athletes around the world use this technique durThese images stimulate the subconscious into accepting them as reality, ing game-time.The Bahá’í Writings are full of images leading to success.Some of my favorites include:

oAt the right hand of the throne of Thy mercy, seat me.

oBehold me standing ready to do Thy will.

oBestow upon us a share from the ocean of Thy wealth.

oBreak off from me the shackles of this nether world.

oCause me to enter the garden of happiness.

oCreate in me a pure heart and renew a tranquil conscience within me.

oFree me from the assaults of passion and desire.

oFrom the fragrant breezes of Thy joy let a breath pass over me.


Some types of therapy work with the subconscious mind, including hypnosis. Hypnosis works by easing you into a state of extreme relaxation. Once you’re in this state, the conscious mind releases its grip, and the subconscious mind is easier to access. While under hypnosis, it’s much easier to reprogram the subconscious into accepting new thoughts as reality.

4.Subliminal Audios.

You can use subliminal audios while you sleep. The conscious mind listens to music or someone speaking on one level, but the subconscious mind hears another layer of information recorded underneath the audible portion. When awake, the conscious mind is distracted with the audible portion of the audio, making it harder to tap into the subconscious mind.

Using techniques like these can help you reprogram your subconscious mind and remove the burden of the negative thoughts buried there. Imagine the freedom of living your life without the automatic dysfunctional behaviors you’ve had driving you for years!

Although these are not subliminal (in that you can hear the messages), my favorites, bar none, are made by Think Right Now:

You can read my testimonial for these products at:

When you transform your negative outlook into a positive one, you can accomplish so much more. In doing so, your mind will be released from negative programming, allowing you to excel and succeed throughout your life.

I think this is what ‘Abdul-Bahá means when he says:

I charge you all that each one of you concentrate all the thoughts of your heart on love and unity. When a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love. Thoughts of war bring destruction to all harmony, well-being, restfulness and content. (Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 29)

What’s been your experience in transforming your subconscious mind? Post your comments here:

How Gratitude Can Bring Peace


The Bahai Writings teach us:

If we should offer a hundred thousand thanksgivings every moment to the threshold of God . . . we would fail to express our gratitude sufficiently.  (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 37).

What do you have to be thankful for?

Starting your day off with some gratitude affirmations is a great way to remind yourself of all the wonderful things you have in your life. When you repeat aloud these affirmations of gratitude, you energize yourself and gain the courage to face the day and all of the frictions and adventures it may bring.

Affirming your gratefulness helps you recognize that you can have what you most want and need in order to reap the fulfilling life you deserve. After all, if you aren’t grateful for the things you have in your life now, why would God give you any more?  Joy, love, and happiness are yours for the taking. You deserve it!

Affirmations are easy to do and they don’t take much time at all. In just a few minutes you can turbo charge your day better than a rocket-fueled cup of coffee ever could. By reflecting on your prosperity and abundance you’ll soar above your current highest high!

Gratitude Affirmations and Stress

Once you’ve worked affirmations into your morning (you can say them anytime again throughout the day or night, too) you’ll start to notice that your inner world is much less stressed. Maybe this is why Bahá’u’lláh has given us so many beautiful prayers and asked us to say them throughout the day.

The whole duty of man in this Day is to attain that share of the flood of grace which God poureth forth for him.  (Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p.  8).

When you have finally let it sink into your subconscious mind that with God’s grace, you can have all that you need and desire, your stress will start to slip away. Your negative reactions are soothed and they slip away. You can now enjoy peace of mind and a sense of calm that you may never have known before.

12 Highly Effective Affirmations

1.               I am grateful to be a happy and joyful being.

2.               I am grateful for everything I already have and for everything I receive each day.

3.               I am grateful for recognizing God and His Manifestations.

4.               I am grateful for all the virtues developing as a result of my tests and difficulties.

5.               I am grateful for all the many opportunities for teaching and service in my day.

6.               I am grateful to know that all my efforts in this life will be rewarded in the life to come.

7.               I am grateful for all the health, love, and goodness that my life has revealed to me.

8.               I am grateful for every person and every living thing in my life.

9.               I am grateful that my life is singular, unique and wondrous.

10.           I am grateful for all the natural beauty around me.

11.           I give gratitude for God’s endless treasures.

12.           I am continually amazed and grateful for how abundant my life is already!

As it says in the Baha’i Writings:

O Lord, increase my astonishment at Thee!  (Bahá’u’lláh, Seven Valleys, p. 34).

Using the Bahai affirmations above along with your own will help you lead a less stressful and more fulfilling life.

Spending some time with positive affirmations, while appreciating all that you have and all that’s heading your way is one of the easiest “stress relief drugs” you’ll ever take. They come with no negative side effects and best of all, they’re free.

How do you choose peace in your life by using the power of affirmations and gratitude?  Post your comments here.

Coping with Bad News

Being a Bahá’í doesn’t exempt us from bad things happening in our lives:

. . . poverty, disease, bereavement, – they seem to be part of the polish God employs to make us finer, and enable us to reflect more of His attributes!  (Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance, p. 604)

Let’s face the facts: life is full of both good and bad surprises. You can’t live your life worried about bad news, otherwise you’ll paralyze yourself in fear. Instead, you need to become more resilient and learn how to expect the unexpected.

You really can learn how to cope with unexpected news and become a stronger, more confident person in times of pressure.

Let’s go through some ways to make coping with the unexpected easier.

Expect the Unexpected

Have you ever gotten a call from a friend who cancels a get-together you were looking forward to? This is an extremely trivial example of unexpected news, but it represents what we all deal with on a daily basis.

You may feel disappointed or frustrated, especially if you spent time preparing for the event, but you have two choices: detach from your expectations, move on and make the best of the day, or take offence and allow it to sour your mood and hold you back.

Ask yourself: what do you typically do when you encounter the unexpected?

Well, instead of allowing the change of plans to ruin your day, try to get your mind busy onto something else. Is there a fun activity that you can do at home? Is there something you can do for yourself or your family? You can choose to make the best of things by recognizing the hand of God at work and turning the unexpected into a new opportunity.

Build a Solid Support System

Another way to deal with unexpected news is to turn to your support system. Bad news can come with great pain. If you get the news that someone has passed away, for example, this is something that is going to cause you deep pain and suffering. Of course, it’s normal to feel these very real emotions.

In these times it is important for you to turn to those around you for support. You may need someone to talk to, someone to cry with, or even a helping hand. It’s crucial that surround yourself with positive influences instead of isolating yourself.

Indeed the believers have not yet fully learned to draw on each other’s love for strength and consolation in time of need. The Cause of God is endowed with tremendous powers, and the reason the believers do not gain more from it is because they have not learned to fully draw on these mighty forces of love and strength and harmony generated by the Faith . . .  (Shoghi Effendi, Directives of the Guardian, p. 41)

Using the Power of the Mind to Cope with Bad News

Positive affirmations are another way that you can cope with unexpected news. Affirmations are concise statements that you can use to help you think in a more positive manner.

When bad news is overwhelming you and you don’t know how to cope, you can stop and say:

·I lay all my affairs in thy hand. Thou art my Guide and my refuge.  (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í Prayers (New American Prayer Book), p. 119.)

·I have renounced my desire for Thy desire, O my God, and my will for the revelation of Thy Will. (Bahá’u’lláh, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, pp. 37-38.)

·Let my movement and my stillness be wholly directed by Thee. (Bahá’u’lláh, Prayers and Meditations, p. 240.)

·I will be a happy and joyful being. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í Prayers (New American Prayer Book), p.119.

·I will no longer be full of anxiety, nor will I let trouble harass me.(‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í Prayers (New American Prayer Book), p.119.)

·I will not dwell on the unpleasant things of life. (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í Prayers (New American Prayer Book), p.119.)

·Confidence and assurance, hope and optimism are my prerogative. (Shoghi Effendi, Unfolding Destiny, p. 225.)

·· This will soon pass. (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Star of the West, Vol. 12, No. 181, p. 280.)

When you say these phrases aloud, you’re reaffirming the statement in your mind and you’re re-focusing your energy on solutions, instead of worries. Whether you believe it or not, words have power. Repeating these affirmations may console you and remind you about your strength during difficult situations.

When you use positive affirmations and the other coping techniques mentioned, you will find that you are more confident to deal with whatever life throws your way. Remember, it’s okay to be afraid of uncertainty, but you can equip yourself with the tools, techniques, and support system to overcome any obstacle, challenge, or situation.

What helps you cope with bad news?Post your comments below.