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 He is very happy to see that you have put into practice one of the most encouraging precepts of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in which He said that we should try and make every stumbling-block a stepping-stone to progress. In the course of your past life you have all stumbled very gravely; but, far from being embittered or defeated by this experience, you are determined to make it a means of purifying your natures, improving your characters, and enabling you to become better citi­zens in the future. This is truly pleasing in the eyes of God.  (Shoghi Effendi, Living the Life, p. 26)

Recently it’s occurred to me that no one is free of the stumbling blocks of life.  We need them all in order to grow.  Each one becomes a stepping stone to progress.  When we aren’t being tested, we don’t grow.  If I look over my life, I can see that the greatest growth has come during the darkest times in my life.  So I need every test, and I’m grateful for all of them.

It’s as if all of us “mines of inestimable value” have been put into God’s giant tumbling machine, where we bump up against other people’s jagged edges and use them to help smooth out ours.  Sometimes other people are tests for me and other times I am a source of tests for them.  No matter what, we all have a chance to grow and develop.  Even when we’re the only one doing the work, we still have the ability to pray for the others, and when we change the dance we’re dancing with them, they are forced to change their dance too.  Remembering we are all one, all created and cared for by the same loving father, there is no separation between us.  It’s only imaginary.

Knowing that when I remember to turn every struggle into a stepping stone, I purify my nature, improve my character and become a better citizen, I am grateful!


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