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By Lynn Wright

Here is a poem I wrote for my friend Jane who died on Saturday.

Please remember her in your prayers.

I am Treewoman
Fire and heat lie at the core
Of every cell in my body
I have soaked up the Creators Love
From the breezes and atmosphere I grow into
From the rays of the sun and drops of rain
Dew in the morning and the embrace of Mother
Earth caressing my roots as I grow
And push through her tight darkness
And in this darkness that protects and feeds me
I grow an identical root image of myself

Within that womb a myriad of mysteries evolves
Teeming with life forms the struggle to survive goes on
My roots are invisible yet they are my essence
Tethering me to a dual reality
The seen and the unseen
The prayer and it’s answer
Rooting me to this reality, this space and time
Keeping me from fear, from ego

I am tall and unyielding and
yet I bend and am not impervious
to the gales that easily rip
the limbs and leaves from
my thickly protected torso

When I die, whether from
the axe, fire winds or age
I will laugh fearlessly and sing praises to my Lord
In the heat of my burning flames I will give off
that which is my essence – to love and be loved

I will be shelter, a home, a protector
My decaying form will provide nourishment
To the Mother that gave birth to me
and freely provided for me
AskingĀ  for nothing in return

In my pure nothingness
I will be on my Journey
Returning to the Creator