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Lament not in your hours of trial, neither rejoice therein; seek ye the Middle Way which is the remembrance of Me in your afflictions and reflections over that which may befall you in future. Thus informeth you, He Who is Omniscient, He Who is Aware.  (Bahá’u’lláh, Synopsis and Codification of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, p. 15)

As someone who has spent a great deal of her life feeling sorry for herself, it was surprising to read that I’m neither to lament when life is going badly or rejoice when it’s going well.  This reminds me of a Hidden Word which says something similar:

Be not troubled in poverty nor confident in riches, for poverty is followed by riches, and riches are followed by poverty.  (Baha’u’llah, The Persian Hidden Words 51)

So it seems in life we need both the good and the bad, and both serve their purposes, which is to draw us closer to God and help us acquire the virtues we’ll need in the next world.  When we live in the middle way, there’s no need to regret the past or fear the future.  We can live in this present moment, in which everything is perfectly all right, and trust the next moment to God.

I often gloss over the endings of quotes and prayers, so let’s not do that this time and look what Bahá’u’lláh is teaching us:  He is aware of things we can never understand, because He is the Omniscient.

When God teaches me how to behave, I can trust that this way is perfect for me and I am grateful!

What jumped out for you as you read today’s meditation?  I’d love it if you would share so we can all expand our knowledge of the Writings!

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