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Our battle is not with other people, it’s with our lower nature.

When you’ve recognized all of the people and situations in your life where fault-finding, blame and accusation are present, go before God; talk to Him about it; take responsibility for your part and ask God’s forgiveness, trusting it will be forgiven.  Ask God’s help in detaching so you won’t get caught up in it again, and then thank Him for His mercy and bounties.

Here is a meditation you can use to remove fault-finding and blame:

Fault-finding and blame, I take responsibility for you, and I detach myself from the hold they have on me from blindly following what past generations have taught me.

I take responsibility for all the bitterness coming out of blaming others and having them blame me, and I ask God to remove this from me.

I take responsibility for all the times I’ve given or taken offence, and I ask God to forgive me for all of them.

I let go of all comparisons and competition I’ve had with other people, and the envy and jealousy which ensued, and I beg God to forgive me for all of them.

I take responsibility over suspicion and mistrust and ask God to replace them with faith, trust, hope and love.

I take responsibility over all fear and ask God’s help to detach from all the ways it has hold of me.

I take responsibility for all judgments and criticism I’ve held towards God, others and myself, and I ask God to transmute them into peacefulness and love.

I take responsibility for all the lies I believed, emanating from my lower nature, and from others, and I ask God to shine the light of truthfulness on all of them.

I take authority for all the times I’ve tried to be perfect, thinking that I knew what was best and forcing my will on my life and on others.  Please God, forgive me for not trusting that Your Way was better.

Please God, forgive me for all of it; and from now on, guide my steps aright through Thine inspiration.

Now, make a list of everyone and every situation which the following sins suggest.

  • Self-exaltation
  • Self-condemnation
  • Guilt
  • Gossip and slander
  • Confusion
  • Racism and bigotry in myself and in my family tree
  • Envy and jealousy
  • Scapegoating and victimization
  • Division and strife
  • Betrayal and grief stored in every cell of my being
  • Rebellion, control and manipulation
  • Misunderstanding
  • Unworthiness
  • Shame
  • Isolation
  • Self-pity
  • Deceit
  • Torment and despair
  • Fear
  • Accusation against God, myself and others

If you’d like, find a stone to represent each instance, and when you’re ready, take responsibility for every situation, letting go of the stones one by one; asking God to help you detach from them all; then put on God’s armor and protection against them ever coming back to destroy your life again.

God, I ask your forgiveness for each offence; and I forgive myself for all of them as well.  Thank you, God, for removing these from me; and for your forgiveness and mercy.  (Adapted from a talk given in the course:  For my Life Online )

Prayer to release and cast out all forms of accusation, combining different parts of different Baha’i Prayers:

I call on Thee, O Unfastener, O Deliver, O Healer![1]

Thou dost perceive my tears and the sighs I utter, and hearest my groaning, and my wailing, and the lamentation of my heart. By Thy might! My trespasses have kept me back from drawing nigh unto Thee; and my sins have held me far from the court of Thy holiness.[2]

Thou hast inspired my soul to offer its supplication to Thee, and but for Thee, I would not call upon Thee. I yield Thee praise inasmuch as Thou didst reveal Thyself unto me, and I beg Thee to forgive me, since I have fallen short in my duty to know Thee and have failed to walk in the path of Thy love.[3]

Thy love, O my Lord, hath enriched me, and separation from Thee hath destroyed me, and remoteness from Thee hath consumed me.[4]

I am a captive; rid me of my bondage, by the power of Thy might and through the force of Thy will, that I may soar on the wings of detachment towards the loftiest summits of Thy creation.[5]

I beg of Thee to wash away my sins as befitteth Thy Lordship, and to[6] grant forgiveness unto me and unto my father and my mother.[7] I beseech Thee with all the ardor of my invocation to pardon whosoever hath hurt me, forgive him that hath conspired against me and offended me, and wash away the misdeeds of them that have wrought injustice upon me. Vouchsafe unto them Thy goodly gifts, give them joy, relieve them from sorrow, grant them peace and prosperity, give them Thy bliss and pour upon them Thy bounty.[8]

Grant that I may, at all times and under all conditions, lay hold on thy cord, and be rid of all attachment to anyone except Thee, and may keep mine eyes directed towards the horizon of Thy Revelation, and may carry out what Thou hast prescribed unto me in Thy Tablets.[9]

Keep me safe, then, from whatsoever may be abhorrent unto Thee, and graciously assist me to obey Thee, and to shun whatsoever may stir up any evil or corrupt desire within me.[10] Blot out from my heart all idle fancies and vain imaginings.[11] Fix, then, mine eyes upon Thee, and rid me of all attachment to aught else except Thyself.[12]

Help me then to quaff, O my God, from the fingers of mercy the living waters of Thy loving-kindness, that I may utterly forget all else except Thee, and be occupied only with Thy Self. [13]

Deliver me from the ills that have encircled me, and wash me thoroughly with the waters of thy graciousness and mercy, and attire me with the raiment of wholesomeness, through Thy forgiveness and bounty.[14] Write down, then, for me the good of this world and of the world to come.[15]

Powerful art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. Thou art, verily, the All-Powerful, the Most Generous.[16]



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