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We must not only be patient with others, infinitely patient, but also with our own poor selves, remembering that even the Prophets of God sometimes got tired and cried out in despair!  (Shoghi Effendi, Unfolding Destiny, p. 456)

As a recovering perfectionist, who likes to think she’s in control of her world, I often find myself impatient with others who don’t move as quickly as I do, who don’t do things the way I would do them or don’t do them the way I want them done.  Worse, I am often impatient with God, and when He doesn’t answer my prayers fast enough, I take them back and try to solve them myself!  I think that living in a world of instant communication and drive through fast food restaurants, I forget that the journey is more important than the destination; the process is more important than the event.

In God’s world, there is no time; no past or present.  There’s just now, and in this moment, I have all the time, money, love and energy I need to take the next right action.  When I’m looking for a certain result, I’m in self-will and functioning from my ego and when I take time to pause, pray, meditate, give my life over to God, breathe and take the next right action, there’s no need for impatience.  When I find myself impatient, I can remember this quote and not beat myself up because I know that if it’s OK for the Manifestations to get tired and cry out in despair, God still loves me when I’m in this state.

Relaxing into the moment, trusting God with the journey and all the obstacles in my path, I am grateful!

What jumped out for you as you read today’s meditation?  I’d love it if you would share so we can all expand our knowledge of the Writings!

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