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In this issue – Diet

Bahá’í Diet

Bahá’í: Religion and Diet

Diet and the Foods We Eat

Diet and its Impact on Our Health: A Baha’i Perspective

Faith and Food Fact Files – Bahá’í

Food, Justice, and the Baha’i Faith

Health, Healing and Nutrition

How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

Nutrition from a Bahá’i Perspective

The Bahá’i Diet – Healing the Body with Food

The Baha’i Diet – Simple Instructions For Those Following The Baha’i Faith

The Food of the Future

Featured Story:

‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Diet

The Master … ate little food. He was known to begin His day with tea, goat’s milk cheese and wheat bread. And at the evening meal a cup of milk and a piece of bread might suffice. He considered the latter a healthy meal. Had not Bahá’u’lláh, while at Sullaymaniyyih, subsisted mostly on milk? (Sometimes Bahá’u’lláh ate rice and milk cooked together.) ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s sparse diet also included herbs and olives – it rarely included meat. (Honnold, Annamarie, Vignettes from the Life of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá)

‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Recipe For Pilau

Lamb-cut in very small pieces-cutting away all fat, bone, gristle. Put butter in frying pan and when it bubbles, stir in the meat and continue to stir constantly until the meat is done. Season with salt. Raisins-look them over and wash them. Cook with equal amount of Syrian pine nuts-in another frying pan in same manner as lamb-in butter-stir nuts and raisins constantly. When ready to serve, mix most of nuts and raisins with the meat, using more meat than nuts and raisins. Place this mixture in the center of a serving platter and arrange a border of cooked rice around it, using the remaining nuts and raisins as decoration, according to taste. (Julia M Grundy, Ten Days in the Light of Akka)

Featured Prayer:

Prayer for our Daily Bread

Lord! Pitiful are we, grant us Thy favor; poor, bestow upon us a share from the ocean of Thy wealth; needy, do Thou satisfy us; abased, give us Thy glory. The fowls of the air and the beasts of the field receive their meat each day from Thee, and all beings partake of Thy care and loving-kindness. Deprive not this feeble one of Thy wondrous grace and vouchsafe by Thy might unto this helpless soul Thy bounty. Give us our daily bread, and grant Thine increase in the necessities of life, that we may be dependent on none other but Thee, may commune wholly with Thee, may walk in Thy ways and declare Thy mysteries. Thou art the almighty and the Loving and the Provider of all mankind. (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í Prayers, p. 21-22)

Featured Video:

Khalil Fong

The Western Bahá’i world may never have heard of Khalil Fong before, but he has millions of fans and concerts that pack the stadiums in China, Singapore and Taiwan. He has six albums and approximately 180 music awards to his credit.

Khalil has been praised by the media for his upright character and for being such a positive role model for young people, and he is not afraid to share his Faith.

Here we hear him sing “Love Song” in Chinese:

Nothing’s Going to Change my Love for You:

To visit his home page

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To read an interview with him

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Featured Book:

What will be the food of the future?” “Fruit and grains. The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food. (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Lights of Guidance, p. 296)

Victoria Leith came across this intriguing statement of Abdu l-Bahá, while investigating different ways to improve her own health. This prompted her to look carefully at what the Bahá’í teachings say about keeping a healthy body and mind. What she found was so exciting that she wanted to share with everyone interested in cultivating a healthier life style.

This book is about making inspired choices which will eventually lead us down the path to optimum health and well-being. With her light-hearted approach, Victoria Leith considers the role of food, sleep, simplicity and moderation in achieving a healthy life and she provides a tempting selection of recipes for family meals, snacks and entertaining. Of special interest is the provisional translation of an excerpt from Baha’u’llah’s Tablet to a Physician.

I’ll Have the Fruit and Grains Please! takes the expression “Taking care of number one!” to a whole new (and healthier) level!

In this book she asks us to consider: How important is the type of food we eat? Are we drinking enough water? Are we getting enough exercise, fresh air, sleep? Are we working too late and too long hours?

In this very easy-to-read book the author uses a friendly conversational style with a good deal of humour, to inspire and encourage us to consider healthier ways of eating and living.

This book is not just about being careful in what we eat today, to prevent many illnesses tomorrow, it also provides good advice about a well balanced approach to life – how to exercise our free will, how to exercise moderation and courtesy in our lives, and how to make wise choices. By changing ourselves we can help to change society.

For more information and to buy the book

Featured Coach:

Anthony Fleming, our life coach for this month, has a wide range of talents and interests for his coaching practice, but what is most relevant to this month’s newsletter, is his passion for Health, Weight Loss and Nutrition 

He can coach you through the following issues:
• How to lose weight – permanently.
• How to adopt healthy lifestyle changes.
• How to incorporate simple exercises into your daily routines.
• How to avoid degenerative diseases.
• How to slow down ageing and look younger.
• How to change bad habits into good habits.
• How to eat lots of food and still lose weight
• Understand the link between your mind and body.
• How to stop smoking and/or drinking – permanently.
• Learn about alternative treatments for illness.
• Which foods should you avoid?
• Which foods and drinks should you have regularly?
• Learn how to feel great and have more energy.
• And much, much more….

To check out his life coaching (and more) website

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Meet Anthony Fleming

Health, Nutrition and Weight Loss

Effective Weight Loss

Yes to Life

Millionaire Mind

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Featured Business:

The Mona Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting grassroots educational initiatives, increasing opportunities and raising the status of girls and women worldwide. Since 1999, Mona has awarded more than $7 million to 34 projects in 18 countries, providing access to quality education for hundreds of thousands of children, women and their families.

They have projects in Brazil, Cambodia, China, Haiti, India, Mongolia, Panama, Swaziland, Tanzania, United States and Vietnam.
They ensure that 100% of all designated donations and 97% of donations to their general fund go directly to the educational projects they support. They can pool your donation with 500 other donors, which creates a more significant and meaningful contribution for the educational programs they support, while giving you the flexibility to donate where you want. And, with their unique funding model, the Mona Foundation has a track record of selecting viable, effective educational programs. They are vetted and trusted so you know your money is really going where you want it to.

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I replied: I’m featuring one of my books!

She wrote: Hi Susan – I thought it was something to do with giving to the fund. Now true giving should be sacrificial but not angry or bitter. 🙂

I replied: LOL! That’s funny! I wish you were here to proof-read for me! Thanks for the good laugh, Grace Main!

  1. Thank you, Susan, for such a thoughtful write-up. Your words touch my heart, so very deeply. Thank you. (Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons)

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