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Welcome to the Month of Dominion 170!

In this issue

Battling and Overcoming Stress During Ayyam-i-Ha 


Happy Ayyam-i-Ha MP3’s for download

Bahá’í Calendar Colouring Page 

The Names of the Bahá’í Months: Separating Fact from Fiction 

Make your own Baha’i-Gregorian Calendar Wheel

10 Tips for Healthy Eating During the Fast 

Featured Story:

Bahiyyih Khanum tells a story of how ‘Abdu’l-Bahá screened those who came to visit Baha’u’llah:

The absence of my father had covered a little more than two years. After his return the fame which he had acquired in the mountains reached Baghdad, and not only Bábís but many others came to hear his teachings; and many, also, merely out of curiosity to see him. As he wished for retirement these curiosity seekers were a great trouble and annoyance to him. This aroused my brother and he declared that he would protect his father from such intrusions. Accordingly he prepared two placards, one for the door of his own room, which read, ‘Those who come for information may apply within; those who come only because of curiosity had better stay away‘; the other for the door of his father’s room, of which the purport was, ‘Let those who are searching for God come, and come, and come.’ Then he announced that he himself would first see those who came. If he found that they were genuine truth-seekers he admitted them to his father’s presence; otherwise he did not permit them to see him. (Myron Henry Phelps and Bahiyyih Khanum, Life and Teachings of Abbas Effendi, p. 24-25)

Featured Prayer:

The following is often referred to as the “Addictions Prayer”

O Divine Providence! Bestow Thou in all things purity and cleanliness upon the people of Bahá. Grant that they be freed from all defilement, and released from all addictions. Save them from committing any repugnant act, unbind them from the chains of every evil habit, that they may live pure and free, wholesome and cleanly, worthy to serve at Thy Sacred Threshold and fit to be related to their Lord. Deliver them from intoxicating drinks and tobacco, save them, rescue them, from this opium that bringeth on madness, suffer them to enjoy the sweet savours of holiness, that they may drink deep of the mystic cup of heavenly love and know the rapture of being drawn ever closer unto the Realm of the All-Glorious. For it is even as Thou hast said: ‘All that thou hast in thy cellar will not appease the thirst of my love—bring me, O cup-bearer, of the wine of the spirit a cup full as the sea!  (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, p. 149-150)

Featured Book:

Happy Fasting, by Saeid Mirafzali, a physician,  helps us overcome concerns about starvation, hunger or weakness during the Bahá’í Fast.  He believes that understanding the difference between hunger and appetite, as well as their causes, can help us to more effectively manage the desire to eat during the Fast.  Drawing on the Bahá’í Writings, combined with nutritional knowledge, his booklet offers insights and assurance for those looking to fast for the first time, those who have fasted before but would like to be more prepared this year, and those who would like some passages and discussion questions for deepening their knowledge about the Fast.  Click here for more information  

Featured Video:

Luke Slott is a singer, songwriter and composer from Dublin, Ireland. He plays piano, guitar and trumpet, and collaborates with a variety of musicians on both sides of the Atlantic.  He can often be heard playing piano on the streets of Dublin.  His voice is melodic, hypnotic, and I can’t get enough.  I love everything he sings, and had a hard time choosing which song to feature.  In the end I chose a favourite prayer for many of us:  “Create in Me a Pure Heart”:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and you check out more of his music!

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Featured Coach:

Bahieh Amelia Khamsi, Bahá’í-Inspired Life Coach, has a Master’s Degree in psychology combined with certificates in life coaching and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and 10 years’ experience in the field. She knows the challenges of living a spiritual life in a material world.  She has a passion for working with young adults around issues related to work, relationships and loyalty to their parents and culture.

Using Bahá’í principles and Writings as her primary source of inspiration, she is on a mission to blend spirituality with personal development as she accompanies them in living a very human life without losing sight of their spiritual reality.

Working with her will help them connect with their higher self and core values as they come to see challenges as opportunities to develop. Together she helps them explore concepts of the current Plan to help them solve personal challenges and move in the world with renewed clarity, freedom and ease.

For more information on her services 

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Featured Business:


Baha’i Jewellery by Ehsan Vojdani began over 20 years ago when he designed, more out of artistic endeavour than out of professional curiosity, his first Baha’i ring for his wife. From this starting point, he went on to design much more, displaying his work at different events across the USA and Canada, including the ABS Conferences, National Conventions and various other events. He now works primarily out of their family-owned and operated Jewellery stores in Brampton, (Canada). Whenever possible, displays are made available at various events across the North American continent.

To see his unique, affordable and diverse line-up of jewellery for people of all ages

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Our Readers Write:

In our last issue, our Featured Book was called Wisdom Man, and here is an email I had from the author:

Dearest Friends,

A video I and others have worked on for five years is at last ready for showing.  Officially it advertises Wisdom Man, but my aim goes much further – generally to do great good.

I’d be grateful if you spread it around – I really want to do great good with it.

Lots of love,

Camilla Chance

 Here it is!  I hope you enjoy it!