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Welcome to the Month of Beauty 171

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Stories about the Declaration of Baha’u’llah 

25 Ways to Get Rid of Anger and Bitterness 

Bipolar Disorder and Many Forms of Mental Illness

Servant of the Garden – A Great Story on Accompanying Youth 

Why do Fathers Abandon their Posts   

Resources for a Baha’i Preschool Class

If you are a Baha’i mother, you’ll be interested in this portal

Bahá’u’lláh’s Marriage Law 

Featured Story:

‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Parrot

One of interesting incidents I remember well is about a parrot which was presented to the Master. He had put it in the Pilgrim House. My uncle, who was the steward of the Pilgrim House taught the parrot to say ‘Allah-u-Abhá’ to whoever approached it. Also, he had trained it to say, ’say, say, say O Bahá.’ The people, who heard the parrot’s voice and didn’t see it, thought that a person was there.

One day ‘Abdu’l-Bahá called my uncle and told him, ‘Muhammad Hassan, bring the parrot to me tomorrow. I intend to present it to the governor of Akka.’

Muhammad Hassan took the cage containing the parrot to the Holy House and put it beside the window of the hall.

His Holiness ‘Abdu’l-Bahá used to get up early morning, walk for a while and would chant prayers while walking. When, that day, He got up and approached the cage of the parrot, it said, ’say, say.’ The Master was very happy and, smiling, advanced towards to parrot and asked, ‘what should I say?’

The parrot said, ‘O Bahá!’

‘Abdu’l-Bahá exulted too much and later told my uncle, ‘Hassan, this parrot saved itself. Since it said to me, “say, say” and when I asked it what to say, it fluently said, “Say O Bahá!” Take it back to the Pilgrim House. I do not desire to send it out of this place.’

When the parrot was dead, my uncle took its feathers and wrote down, ‘these are the feathers of a parrot which belonged to His Holiness ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and He has admired several times its fluency.’

This was the effects of training which had some positive outcomes even for a parrot.  (Persian Source: Ahang-i-Badi, vol. 29, no. 327, p. 37)

Featured Prayer:

Preparation for the Feast

Each one of you must think how to make happy and pleased the other members of your Assembly, and each one must consider all those who are present as better and greater than himself, and each one must consider himself less than the rest. Know their station as high, and think of your own station as low. Should you act and live according to these behests, know verily, of a certainty, that that Feast is the Heavenly Food. That Supper is the “Lord’s Supper”! I am the Servant of that gathering.

O God! Dispel all those elements which are the cause of discord, and prepare for us all those things which are the cause of unity and accord! O God! Descend upon us Heavenly Fragrance and change this gathering into a gathering of Heaven! Grant to us every benefit and every food. Prepare for us the Food of Love! Give to us the Food of Knowledge! Bestow upon us the Food of Heavenly Illumination!

In your hearts remember these things, and then enter the Unity Feast.  (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Compilation of Compilations vol. I, p. 429-430)

Featured Video:

This month’s video features the voice of Michael Costello, and the music of Crystal Morales & Danielle Morales from the group Jumelle.  I wasn’t able to find any information on Michael, but the Morales sisters, professionally known as the Jumelle (“Twins” in French) have an incredible story.

They are almost totally blind and deaf yet, they have been composing original music since age seven! When they were born, they weighed a mere pound and a half each and doctors held little hope of survival for them. However, they not only survived but thrived. Today, they play a wide array of musical instruments, including piano, violin, cello, and guitar, have produced one professional CD, and have contributed to this meditation CD, as well.

They have recently begun receiving performance invitations from different corners.

The song I have chosen this month is called Mauve, from their CD “Meditations: Selections from World Scriptures.  It features 7 Hidden Words and several passages from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá on how to behave in the world.  It’s truly like listening to the voice of God Himself!


To read more about their incredible story

To buy their music on CD Baby


Featured Book:


Attracting Perfect Customers is one of my favourite business books, written by a Bahá’í.  I picked it up because I was attracted to the title, but when, in the acknowledgments, it gave thanks to the Universal House of Justice, it really got my attention and I knew right away it was a book for me!  It didn’t disappoint!

It’s based on principles that are not new but are often neglected in today’s business world. Among them are the ideas that businesses don’t need to search for customers if they are “on purpose”; that collaboration, not competition, is required; and that businesses can either create their own “perfect customers” or their “clients from hell”.  It shows how to achieve one and avoid the other.

If your business needs a boost, this book will help you

  • get crystal clear and focused on who you want to serve
  • discover what makes you stand out from all the rest as the most attractive choice for your perfect customers
  • find what you really love, and come into alignment so you can send out the signal that will be received by your perfect customers
  • announce that you’re ready
  • take actions in alignment with you, your plan, your core values and your inner being, so you can achieve positive results.

For more information

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Featured Coach:

Jan Stringer

Imagine feeling at ease speaking about your business at networking meetings or to large groups of people.  Business Coach Jan Stringer, co-author of this months featured book, believes that successful selling is a natural result of successful marketing, and her definition of marketing is – “Building Relationships”.  Her coaching practice helps you do just that.  When you work with her, she will help you develop a strategy for discovering what is unique and special about you, help you find your unique message, and help you design a plan, and a conversational model to help you go out and share your unique message.

For more information 

Featured Business:

Nine Branches

Despite having been a Baha’i for some time, during a recent move to Virginia Caleb Gilleland found it almost impossible to get in touch with the local Baha’i community. It struck him that if he couldn’t easily find the Baha’is, it was a pretty safe bet that those in the wider community who were potentially interested in the Faith would find it even more difficult to do so. So he began to think: What had other successful organizations done to solve this problem?

He noticed that most churches used a robust web presence to be more relevant to their communities. Given that more than 80% of people visiting a church for the first time looked at the church’s website before going, he figured that an even higher percentage would want to visit a local Baha’i community’s website before attending Core Activities or a Fireside.  After all, the Bahá’í Faith is still pretty unfamiliar to people, all things considered.

The blog postings at his site offer tips for your community’s web presence; and his business offers you:

•    A Beautiful Website that tells your story and encourages participation
•    Setting up Social Media to help engage with the wider community
•    An Email Marketing Strategy to invite seekers and connect them to Core Activities

For more information

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Our Readers Write:

1.    MJ Cyr will be one of the key presenters at the Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)  Summer School this year (David)

2.    Susan love, I hate to tell you but the month of Jalal is in B. E. 171!!!  Love the newsletter!  (Clare)
3.    The light blue used in much of this email is VERY light on my screen and doesn’t show up very well.  The darker blue down in the coaching session area might be better to use any where you want blue.  Other people might be having the same problem viewing as I am, so I wanted you to know.  I am using Windows XP.  Great newsletter otherwise!  (Jennifer)

Thanks to David for the exciting news about last month’s featured singer being at your summer school!  She’ll be a welcome addition!
Thanks also to Clare and Jennifer for the extra set of eyes!  Putting this newsletter together and learning the new program has been a BIG learning curve for me, with so many tiny details to pay attention to; and I truly appreciate the feedback!  I hope I’ve found a solution for the hyperlinked text – Please let me know if it’s more readable!