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By Rachel Perry

Storms blowing from all sides,

Winds so strong breath is stolen,

Left gasping for air,

Hanging on to life with a hope,

Emerging Happiness from Despair.

Fierce storms with ancient winds,

Tearing down the land,

Not bike, nor tree, nor house does stand,

People cower, afraid, afraid, afraid

When will it end.

On my bare arms winds beat,

Hair strewn across face and eyes

Whipping like the ancient whips

Which have whipped slaves and

Prisoners for ages and ages and ages.

I love you and accept you storm

Without fear or pain or worry.

I thank you storm for clearing away the

Illusions and ghosts that I have danced with in the night.

I take you storm, whether wrong or right

And know you are mine, you are me, you are all in me.

I take you storm and dance with your wind,

Free me from the ancient night

With your Eternal Gaze of Serenity.

Here, now, and always,

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Divine Creator let me live

In this storm with peace.

Make of me a Divine Storm Chaser then

Make of me an instrument that

Transforms mighty winds of night

Into powerful streams of light.

I’ll stand here, on this broken ground,

With blood and broken homes around,

I’ll stand here smiling with arms outstretched

Free from harm and pain and hex

I’ll stand here a mighty Tree

Giving thanks to the Almighty.