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Inspired by the 100th anniversary of the release of the Tablets of the Divine Plan and the Dec. 29, 2015 letter from the House of Justice,  many clusters and Baha’i Institutions are gathering together to write letters to ‘Abdu’l-Baha, setting forth their goals for the next 5 years, and fervently asking for His assistance.

This idea captured my imagination, and I thought I would share 2 such letters, originating from 2 different areas of Canada, hoping that they will inspire you, wherever you are, to write your own letters.

Letter One:

Our dearly beloved ‘Abdu’l-Bahá,

Encouraged by the love you have bestowed upon us, we pledge our hearts to increase resources by strengthening the nucleus of the participants, by reflecting on the 100 villages in our county. As we learn how to transform some of these villages, we wish to move our cluster from milestone 2 to milestone 3. We pledge to draw continually from the precious tablets of Divine Plan, to increase our desire to tap into the spiritual forces available to us during this time. We promise to learn to work through obstacles as we strive to establish and fulfill our commitment.

We will recognize the central principal of sacrifice, perseverance and the important of prayer and supplication. We will nourish our love for others by rekindling our communities. We will honour, recognize, support and encourage the contribution of every person and the value of every service. In summery we hope the above commitments will enable us to build and uphold unity and harmony in all our endeavours.


The people of Our Cluster


Letter Two:

Beloved Master,

We know that you know us.  We thrill to know that you have inscribed our names by your own hand in the Tablets of the Divine Plan. As we, the stalwart band of Baha’u’llah’s followers in XXX, prepare for the coming Plan, we set our sights towards the year 2021, the centenary of Your passing and the end of the first century of the Formative Age of our beloved Faith. What gifts will we have to lay at your feet on that sacred occasion?  What victories will we have won for You?  And what capacities will we have developed to equip us to make the necessary herculean effort on that path of service?  As You wrote in the Tablets of the Divine Plan, “Exert yourselves; your mission is unspeakably glorious.”  Towards that horizon we direct our steps.

While recognizing that our work is essentially “a spiritual enterprise,” we also know that the effectiveness of that work depends upon “the application of proven strategies, systematic action, informed analysis, and keen insight”. Individuals, institutions and communities in our region have entered into a mode of learning that has brought visible transformation to all three protagonists.  The next stage of our work will be to accelerate and further systematize the learning that has enabled us to win the goals of this current plan.

We have identified two clusters that can serve as reservoirs of human resources in our region.  Our first step will be to share with our most experienced resources the vision that has been conveyed to us and thus to empower them, as we have been empowered, to look through the “lens of capacity building” and identify friends who they will naturally desire to support and accompany.  As this cohort builds in size and strength cycle after cycle, an army of workers will be raised, an army that will strive to help the clusters where a program of growth exists to reach and move beyond the second milestone over the course of the Plan.

The vision that galvanizes us is “the gradual spread” within the populations of our part of Canada, of hundreds and thousands who are drawn into the circle of intimate friends, who are involved in conversations that enable receptivity to be discovered and nurtured, who are participating in visits to homes, in core activities, beginning the sequence of courses or supporting others as they gain the confidence to serve.  And so, on our horizon, we see a “pattern of community life based on the teachings of the Blessed Beauty spread ever more widely as the number of believers grows.

With hearts full of love and gratitude, we offer this to You, in recognition of Your gifts to this blessed land, and we beg that you will rain down confirmations upon us as we exert our utmost effort to translate this vision into reality.


The Bahá’í Area of XXX


Has your area written letters you’d like to share?  If so, I’d be honored to share them here!