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In the Bahá’í Writings, we are told that our purpose in life is to know God, and to worship Him (we remind ourselves of this every day when we say the short obligatory prayer. But how can we keep this at the forefront of our day?

Here is something I do: Before I get out of bed in the morning, I take a moment to appreciate the day ahead of me, and to remember who is in charge. I determine to make my behaviour today, better than yesterday, and I turn my day over to God, so that my movement and my stillness is wholly directed by Him. My heart is sanctified from everything except God and I take care to put Him ahead of all else at all times and under all conditions. I don’t pretend to know where my life will take me next, nor do I inquire or seek to know. I am in the flow of life and comfortable with the blessings which flow my way. I ask God daily to guide my steps aright through His inspiration, and am assured that every move I make is in accordance with Divine wisdom.

What do you do, to centre your life on God? Post your comments here: