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He feels that, if you close your eyes to the failings of others, and fix your love and prayers upon Bahá’u’lláh, you will have the strength to weather this storm, and will be much better for it in the end, spiritually. Although you suffer, you will gain a maturity that will enable you to be of greater help to both your fellow Bahá’ís and your children. (Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance, p. 604)

This quote reminds me yet again (I seem to need daily reminder), that I need to close my eyes to the failings of others and pray that I may turn towards Baha’u’llah and through Him, towards God.  This is the entire purpose of my life (to know and worship God), as I remind myself every day in the short obligatory prayer, so you’d think I’d remember it, but it’s amazing how easy it is to get caught up in this material world and forget the spiritual, especially when I’m going through the storms in my life.

Another tool that’s helping me a lot is this:  for every problem that comes my way I make a list of 6 positive things that come out of it.  It’s not always easy and requires me to be in a real humble posture of learning.  An example from my life today:  I want to rehome one of my cats, who is attacking the other.  I have zero tolerance for violence of any kind in my home and think she’d do better in a home with no other animals.  I have prayed, consulted with others and advertised in many places, but so far, these prayers have not been answered. I’m frustrated and even mad at God for not answering my prayers. The six things on my list today are:

  1. I get to have more time with a cat I love
  2. My cat gets more time to correct her behavior
  3. I get to develop patience
  4. I get to strengthen my trust in God’s timing
  5. I can see where my self-will might not be aligning with the will of God
  6. I can put my request in the God jar, let God work out the details and get on with my day, instead of focusing on “poor me”.

Remembering to turn towards God and trust his timing, will get me through the storms, I am grateful!

What’s a storm in your life today and what are 6 positive things you’re getting because of it?  Share your successes below.

Note:  Shortly after doing this exercise, I found a perfect home for my cat and she’s doing very well.  I think I needed to pass this test first.

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