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What is the first thing that comes into you when someone wrongs you?

  • Anger?
  • Resentment?
  • A desire to hurt them back?

All of these are forms of bitterness.


Perhaps you don’t like your mother-in-law; or you hate your ex-spouse.  Perhaps you’re angry with a god who didn’t heal you, or protect you the way you thought you should be protected.  Perhaps you blame God for the loss of a job, or even worse, the loss of a child.  Perhaps you’re angry towards yourself or some part of you (your weight, your nose).  Perhaps it comes out in negative judgment towards yourself (you serve the Faith but maybe you should do a little more; you give to the Fund but maybe it’s not sacrificial enough; you believe in the core activities but you aren’t as active in them as you should be; you’re harsh in your judgments towards yourself in the name of “calling yourself to account”).


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