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Another loyal reader comments:
I just copied the part about having to prioritize, as I have dozens of Rabbits running around here ….

`Abdu’l-Bahá said: If you are faced with the most important task,you must let go of the important one!

Have added your site to my Favourit-List to go back to later. ….


A loyal reader wrote:
Thank you for this inspiring article, Susan. It spoke directly to some of the thoughts I was having today around our family Ayyam-i-Ha celebration. We have chose to attend a small children’s party on Saturday and to have our parents over for a dinner afterward. Nothing fancy. The focus is on hospitality and love. We’ll also bring a bag of goodies to the local food bank and thrift store. Happy Ayyam-i-Ha to you too!! 🙂


So simple, how quickly we can lose focus to try and please everyone all the time. One thing at a time, slow and steady will get you to the end of the race first.Thanks Susan for the great advise we all forget in these trying times.


This was an answer to my prayers this evening! Thank you for your dedication to improving the quality of life experienced by others. Thank you for offering a bit of yourself as a sacrifice for others.

Warmest regards,