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By Janna Denton-Howes

You get the whole chastity thing… but what about sex IN your Baha’i marriage?

You wonder if all sexual acts are “okay”, how sex and spirituality go together and HOW TO stop fighting about sex all the time!

Trust me, you aren’t alone.

Not only have I thought those same questions a million times, but I hear my clients voice them over and over again.

Which is why I’ve decided to and offer this free ebook in hopes that it will answer ALL your questions and revitalize your physical intimacy!

26 of your questions are answered, including:

  • “Is sex only for making babies?”
  • “What about masturbation?”
  • “What about porn?”
  • “What about anal sex?”
  • “What about oral sex?”
  • “What about lubrication?”
  • “How do I have an orgasm?”
  • “How do I give my wife an orgasm?”
  • “How often is “enough”?”
  • “Did the Central Figures have sex?”
  • “Can I use a vibrator?”
  • “Can we use birth control?”
  • “How can I get in the “mood” quicker and more often?”
  • “Are we the only ones who are struggling with sex?”
  • “Why does my husband want to have sex all the time?”
  • “We’re so busy! How do we make time?”
  • “I feel disappointed in our sex life”
  • “I feel anxious when my partner initiates, what should I do?”
  • “Can I wear sexy lingerie?”
  • “What about role play?”
  • “Why can’t I have an orgasm by penetration alone?”
  • “What about romance novels and erotica?”
  • “I feel rejected by my wife, what do I do?”
  • “We went to a Counselor and got advice that doesn’t feel right, what should we do?”
  • “What are your book recommendations for learning more about sex?”
  • “I feel so self-conscious of my body, what should I do?”

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Janna Denton-Howes is a Marriage Coach whose passion is to help couples get unstuck and move powerfully towards the vision of true Baha’i marriage.  If you liked this video, you can visit her site; read her blog and watch her other videos.