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So simple, how quickly we can lose focus to try and please everyone all the time. One thing at a time, slow and steady will get you to the end of the race first.Thanks Susan for the great advise we all forget in these trying times.


This was an answer to my prayers this evening! Thank you for your dedication to improving the quality of life experienced by others. Thank you for offering a bit of yourself as a sacrifice for others.

Warmest regards,


if I may humbly share some findings,
“The bond of patriotism may be a means of fellowship and agreement, but oneness of native land will not completely cement human hearts; for if we review history, we shall find that people of the same race and native land have frequently waged war against each other. Often in civil strife they have shed the same racial blood and destroyed the possessions of their own native kind. Therefore, this bond is not sufficient. Another means of seeming unity is the bond of political association, where governments and rulers have been allied for reasons of intercourse and mutual protection, but which agreement and union afterward became subject to change and violent hatred even to the extreme of war and bloodshed. It is evident that political oneness is not permanently effective.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 320)


To whomever posted this prayer and video.Thank you for sharing the prayer, this is very thoughtful and universally important for all beloved souls on this earth to reflect upon.
As for the video, I feel I must share my perspective with you on this, as I have personally studied the Baha’i teachings at great length, and find it quite compromising to certain fundamental principles of the faith.
It is my fear that propagating certain content which is strongly supportive of a particular biased perspective (“allies”) does more for reinforcing a certain “otherness” widely apparent in popular culture, one which is clearly understood as delusional within the context of Baha’i writings (for ex. see Ch. 74 of Abdu’l-Baha’s ‘Some Answered Questions’ titled “The Nonexistence of Evil”), and in effect does nothing but hinder any efforts for the unification of all peoples in this grand Ocean, no matter on which side of the conflict they may fall.
I would like to ask whether or not the “enemy” aught to be included in one’s prayers, and if so, why have they been excluded from this video compilation?
More so, as a Baha’i, where does one draw a line between friend and foe?
You have supplied us with some beautiful words from our beloved Abdu’l-Baha, but I must ask if you have considered how He might view “our valiant soldiers”, and who He might consider “our”.
Please do peruse His writings, and look again at how diseased this notion of “us and them” truly is. And how, I assume unintentionally, this post does reinforce it and thus causes much confusion.
Please take my words with nothing but care, I hope only to share a different perspective that has been given to me.
As a friend, I share this with you with love, please take it in consideration.
I commend you on your efforts with this web site, and cannot imagine the responsibility which falls upon you in upholding the integrity of the Baha’i faith, I do not wish to dis-hearten you, I must only pray that you may proceed with caution.