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Posted on Behalf of Andrea Torrey Balsara

Dear Friends,

I have launched a Kickstarter campaign at Kickstarter Canada, until October 31, to fund the reprint of my picture book, The Nightingale’s Song. It’s the story of humanity, about how we are all ONE. Children of every colour, background, and faith (or no faith), will see themselves in the pages of the book, and will see themselves as BEAUTIFUL.

Prejudice is a scourge, and has no place in humanity’s brilliant future. We are meant to live in unity with one another, and to appreciate each other’s diversity and differences as strengths.

With Kickstarter, if it isn’t 100% funded, none of it gets funded. While I hope that you will contribute financially, I know that not everyone can, and I don’t want to pressure anyone. Sharing the link and the post/email will also be so helpful, and so appreciated!

Thank you for caring and sharing this!

The kickstarter campaign is 91% funded!! I have until Thursday night to raise the 9% remaining. I am hopeful it will make it. I have had a lot of support, including from Baha’is, and it has been very uplifting to me. One thing I would like to know is if anyone has Unity colouring sheets, games, discussion points (for children), or anything that could be adapted into a PDF colouring book on Unity in Diversity? I will be making one as one of the rewards for backing the project.

I will paste the campaign here; if you are able to share it, it would be much appreciated. However, if you aren’t able to, please don’t worry about it.

Thank you for your support!

Andrea Torrey Balsara  can be contacted at: